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a person in a red cape looking at what looks like a giant eye, in the style of precisionist art, dark cyan and crimson, colorful moebius, high horizon lines, analytical art, rtx on, group f/64 ::2 an illustration of a man looking at an old door with sand and rocks, in the style of gothic futurism, kushan empire, marvel comics, 32k uhd, brown and bronze, context art, narrative sequences --ar 128:71
hyperrealistic photograph of Research facility built on the tropical island surrounded with sharp cliffs and ocean, several "concrete and glass" buildings spherical shape, design and modern architecture, sci-fi feel, [providing shelter for scientist living in] , tropical environment ::3.3 satellites, antennas, palm trees, high key lighting, natural lighting, proposal ::2.3 technological ::1.4 hyperrealistic photography, detailed, PRO photo RGB, realistic reflections :: --ar 4:3 --stylize 400 --c 20 --style raw
Portrait, guild wars 2, dwarf female cleric d&d style character, different colour schemes, living, walking, dynamic pose, fantasy, in a fantastic ruined city, facing camera, high-quality photo, 8K, rendered in Unreal Engine, --version niji --ar 2:3
abstraction pics o fast car vivid pictures says o 64k --c 33 --s 750 --v 5.2 --style raw
the room closet white color doors , design concept style the first law of mechanic of Isaac Newton , house, --ar 16:10 --upbeta --v 5.2 --s 750
1980 punk goth rockstar, mohawk, cyberpunk, augmented, guitar, leather jacket, concert poster, red eyes, stencil, black and red, lineart, manga comic cover poster, dramatic black lighting, contre jour, Akira style, ghost in the shell, noir, yoji shinkawa, junji ito, style of Katsuhiro Otomo, black and white horror manga, storm, aggressive line art, black ink --s 250 --ar 9:16 --niji 5
abstract innovation technology electronic background, 8K , 16.9
Deep woods in Vermont, view of a landscape, cloudy day over Camels Hump, oil painting
ancient japanese house, texture, 8k, realism, high definition photography, sony a7iii, front view, no enviroment, white background --style raw --v 5.2
ocean floor from top view, hyper-realistic
abstract writing on a brilliant multi-metal proof coin beyond the stars --v 5.2
abstract, 3d cellular automata, volumetric, expressing cynobacteria life cycle --c 40 --ar 3:5
a deep woods in Kilimanjaro with view of the mountain kilimanjaro with a couple having a date during sunset with wine on the table 8k 4:5
generate a real image of a Badass Rave Woman with extreme curves, Captured with a Canon AE - 1 Program camera using a 50mm f/ 1. 8 lens. The image has an aperture of f/ 5. 6, ISO 200, and a shutter speed of 1/ 125 sec.
Saudi Arabian City, Street, with the iconic buldings, on the right side, kingdom center tower, king abdulaziz centre ithra, and al dirah saudi arabia castel on the other side --s 750