Pixy for fun, work, or social content
A revolutionary web platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence to instantly generate stunning and unique images
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Have fun showcasing yourself or friends in the most unexpected looks!
Create captivating commercial content for social media and astonish your followers. Leverage the capabilities of our platform for your marketing objectives
New look for your social content
Unlock whimsical storytelling with our AI service. Upload a photo, add your selfie, and watch as our technology seamlessly swaps faces, placing you in the heart of engaging narratives. It's not just a face-swap; it's your portal to creating captivating, personalized social content.
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Сhange model in your project with just a couple of clicks
Elevate your project instantly with just a few clicks, our advanced AI service enables you to change the model in your project, keeping your marketing visuals fresh and engaging effortlessly. It’s not just a feature; it’s your shortcut to a captivating and updated visual narrative.
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Text to image
Unleash all your creativity! Pixy will turn your textual request into a true masterpiece. Use any artistic style or famous artist, illustrator, designer. Let nothing restrain your imagination
Boundless creative horizons
Embrace over 100 artistic styles, artists, and angles to ensure your content and graphic work are truly unique and eye-catching. Our service transforms the mundane into captivating visual narratives, enriching your projects with a distinct aesthetic appeal.
No weeks of waiting, no thousand-dollar tags
With our AI art generators, text swiftly transforms into unique, realistically rendered 3D images, sans the hefty design work. Your vision, translated into visual marvels, both prompt and pocket-friendly
Our service unveils not only boundless opportunities for creativity within your content, but also commercial and professional horizons.
Save 100$ on stock photos
Are you still shackled to the hefty price tags of conventional stock photos? There's a contemporary wizardry awaiting your discovery! With the prowess of an AI art maker, acquire premium, royalty-free images tailored to your every need, without the premium price.
Experiment with clothing collections
Generate graphic elements and icons
Create unique patterns and wallpapers
Design stunning interiors
Design stunning items
Experiment with UI ideas
Search for unique logo ideas
Create stunning characters and looks
And one more thing... with us, you can turn your imagination into a real NFT collection - in just a few clicks
NFT generations
The entire NFT collection in 1 click
Educational content about AI
Built-in translator
Easy top up
Legendary style presets
Style customiser
Get access to different Generative AIs cheaper with our Access token!
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Witness our incredible expansion!
Our community base skyrockets, doubling every month
Creators rely on us with confidence!
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